How to make money with ChatubeModels

You can make money both in the free and private chat. Below, we will share some tips on how you can earn money on our website:

  1. We recommend using the Topic or Tip Menu chatbot to inform users that, for example, a show in your free chat costs 500 Tokens or that a dance goes for 100 Tokens. This will allow to avoid unnecessary questions and will facilitate your work.
  2. Talk to your guests in English! It is always appreciated and is truly worth it – a decent level of English in the chat will get you more tips and private chat requests as well as will help you find new regular customers.
  3. Smile and be in a good mood in front of the camera. If a visitor sees a girl who is bored, angry, or in a bad mood, they will move to another chat room with a more positive environment.
  4. Tell your customers when you are coming back when you leave.
  5. Turn the microphone on. This saves you from having to write a lot in the chat, and voice has always been more attractive than printed text. Speak to the members, and you will see how the number of tips grows.
  6. Use the nicknames of your guests. If they tell you their real names, use them. Using proper names always draws people to you.
  7. It is important not to give your full attention to just one member in the chat room. This may seem rude, but you need to immediately identify the chat room guests who are able to pay for a private chat or give tips, and primarily talk to them.
  8. When a member gives you tips or takes you to a private chat, make sure to add him to your followers list.
  9. Bright make-up looks very good on camera – so it is recommended to put on brighter, more expressive make-up than the one you use in everyday life.
  10. Members come to webcam sites to have fun. Perform small shows, tease your guests, dress sexy, and tips will rain down on you!
  11. Keep toys, accessories, and other items necessary for your work at hand. Do not turn the camera off, or worse, do not leave the bed empty looking for your toys.
  12. If you are asked whether you have a husband or a boyfriend, the best answer is no and that you are actively looking for one. This will create intrigue, a little secret that you share with your guests.
  13. Tips. The private chat is great, but the most modern way to earn money is through tips. Top models make 80-90% of their earnings on them. There is a stereotype that doing shows in free chats is a waste of money and time, but this is not entirely true. Imagine you say to your guests that you will show your breasts for a hundred dollars. It can be (and probably is) too expensive for one person. But if ten members chip in $10.00 each, none of them will end up spending too much, whereas you get a lot of money for just a minute! Regularly teasing your guests and collecting tips can help you earn good money without having to wait for private show requests!
  14. If you are new to the webcam business, do not be discouraged if in the first few weeks your income is small. Most of your earnings will come from the regular members who come to see you and your shows.
  15. Work in front of the camera to have fun and make new friends – enjoy it. Do not work with the only goal of making a lot of money, and the money will find you!

Free chat

If you are going to make money in the free chat by giving a show, it is best to attract as many users as you can and then ask them to tip you. Since the free chat is free for members, you will make money only when they tip you. Tips usually depend on the show a model gives. Teasing a little also helps. Besides the free chat, you can also use the private and group chat options.

Private chat

Users that have Tokens can press “Private chat” in a model’s chat room to invite her to chat privately. The model then decides whether to accept or decline the invitation. If the model accepts the invitation, the user gets a private show.

Private chat costs 60 Tokens a minute. This means that if a user spends 10 minutes in your private chat, your earnings will be as follows: 10 minutes * 60 Tokens = 600 Tokens. A private chat ends automatically once the user runs out of Tokens. Both the model and the user can stop the chat at any moment. Models can disable the private chat option in settings under the streaming window by unchecking “Allow private chat”.

Full private chat

The user can also opt for a full private chat, which is very similar to the regular private chat except for the fact that it cannot be spied on in Voyeur/Spy mode. By switching to a full private chat, the user can be sure they are the only ones enjoying the show.

Full private chat costs 90 Tokens per minute. This means that if the user spends 10 minutes in a full private chat with you, you will make 10 minutes * 90 Tokens = 900 Tokens. Full private chat closes automatically if the user runs out of Tokens or if the model or the user decides to end the show at any given time.

Group chat

To begin a group chat, a user needs to press the “Group chat” button in the model’s chat room. A group chat begins once the minimum number of participants has been reached (can be set in group chat settings under the streaming window). A group chat ends once the last user leaves it, or the last participating user runs out of money, or the model decides to leave. A model can start a group chat even if there is only one user in it by pressing “Start group chat now”. An unlimited number of users can join in later. Group chat costs 30 Tokens per minute for each user. This is a very low price, which makes group shows so popular among users ready to tip models. Models can remove the group chat feature in settings under the streaming window by unchecking “Allow group chat”.

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