Guide to Becoming the Best Model Online


There have been recent changes to appearance requirements for models. As usually happens with changes, there are some that may appear to be minor when taken on the surface. However, the cumulative effect of these changes when taken in sum can add increased profitability and exposure to you as a model.

When you are communicating as a model, communication itself can come in many different forms. However the most important always has been and always will be audio. Everyone, no matter who they are, appreciate audible communication. It is that personal touch that makes the experience more realistic and valuable for the members.

Camera Image Quality

When addressing the camera be sure to remain engaged and not distracted. Looking away from the camera can cause you to appear disengaged. This disengagement comes across to the members as a poor experience and we want to avoid that at all costs.

Also, the value of a positive and energetic attitude cannot be overstated. The experience for our members will increase dramatically if the performers maintain a level of energy throughout. The availability and occurrences of private sessions increase almost in direct correlation for those performers who maintain a certain level of excitement and engagement with the members. Never forget that smiling is key!

Capturing crisp images in the proper format (aspect and lighting) is essential. The use of proper equipment is key here as well. There are a couple of ways to do this, please refer to the Model Account or our Support team for setting recommendations available to performers.

The benefits that come with using high definition cameras are almost too many to list. Members will be more involved in the moment if the camera and image quality they are experiencing are both HD. This quality equipment will pay dividends to you as well by having more repeat sessions. HD camera usage is a surefire way to drive more traffic to you, as the experience for the end user is significantly increased.

NB! In order to boost video and audio quality, we would highly recommend streaming through the OBS application.


Getting dressed for the part is also critical. Top-level performers work to create the type of atmosphere for the members that they are actively seeking. Give them what they want and engage your members. Give them the environment they want and enjoy!

When on camera or video the very first thing that anyone will notice is the color of the clothing you are wearing. It is part of the environment and setting.

Clothes for Ladies

Remember, that if you wear a proper color you can achieve multiple ‘looks and feels’. As an example darker tones and clothes can be slimming. Horizontal stripes and clothing are also very good on camera (despite what you may have heard)!

You are given the freedom to express your style – please use it! Create and be yourself, members will appreciate the realistic nature as it comes through.

Clothes for Gentlemen

Men must remember that black looks like a shadow and can remove the energy and life from you via the camera. This is even more true when you have dark toned skin already.

Men, the same as women, should maintain a personal touch and be creative in their clothing. They must also strive to create unique environment for the members.


Camera work tends to mute the appearance of make-up. As a result, it is recommended to use darker and prominent shades. The added benefit of this is that dark shades can also hide flaws that the camera might otherwise pickup.

Models regularly use facial touchups and effects to maintain appearance goals. Body and tone, when highlighted by proper make-up usage, can achieve all sorts of fantastic results. You can be anything you want to be – thinner, more toned, or muscular, to appear more sun-kissed, and ultimately, more confident. There is no difference here. Again, be creative. Performers most strive to use everything at their disposal to achieve the desired outcome. This goes for the eyes, lips and anything else on your face!

As a general reminder everything is seen by the camera. Although they get less attention than the face, you should also pay close attention to nail. Regular care and maintenance of your nails is not only a healthy routine to get into, it will also ensure you have a better camera appearance. Nail care can be simple and doesn’t have to be expensive.


Your pose (and the ability to maintain as well as change it) is essential to a successful experience for the member. Body language is used to express a variety of emotions. Power, status, and confidence are nonverbally displayed through the use of height and space in the shot. Remember this when setting your camera and environment.

Finally, remember that when on camera, adjusting your posture as you move around will create different emotions and impressions for the member.


Hair styles cannot be overstated. The necessity to maintain attractive and intriguing hair styles must always be a part of your maintenance preparation efforts.

Hair for Girls

Maintain a hairstyle that you can and should use to accentuate your clothes and other features. Be creative!

Do your styling the way you feel comfortable. Be seductive and be yourself!

The simpler your style the easier it may be to make a connection as a real person with the members. Be yourself as at all times and let your beauty shine through.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize and add to your outfits. This creates a more enticing atmosphere for our members.

Hair for Boys

It is also vitally important for men to make a good impression with their hair as well. Make sure your style is clean and presentable


There are many great tips for successful background usage. It all starts at the beginning however. The fastest, easiest way to get a dramatic background is to keep it simple. Setup is key. Members will notice when backgrounds aren’t proper or don’t fit the model’s style. Don’t overcomplicate backgrounds; you will regret it later on!

Finally with background remember that a model’s skin tone, hair color, clothing, eye color, etc. will play a factor in choosing the right backdrop color.

The more you decorate the background the more enticing it will be. Use different accessories for your background to be more appealing to our members.

Camera Angle

Don’t just vary your background – remember that you can also utilize different camera angles and positions as well. For example instead of shooting everything from eye level and with the camera horizontal, try shooting with it pointing higher or lower. Crouch down, place the camera above your head, adjust the background and positioning in the room, etc.

If your camera has a swiveling screen you can use that to monitor the video feed even while the camera is in unusual positions. Don’t be afraid to utilize a remote control. It can be an incredibly useful tool to start and stop shooting when your camera is out of reach.


Do not make the mistake of thinking, however, that cameras are everything. The basics must also be taken into account. Clean and maintain your lenses and accessories. These can make or break your show!


You should also shoot from different positions around the room beforehand to achieve the right lighting conditions. Don’t just shoot from directly in front or from the side – be sure to experiment and try different things.

After audio, great lighting is the most important way to make videos stand out. Lighting is going to occur regardless of prep; it is just a matter of whether it will be good or bad. But it won’t look anywhere near as good as if you take the time to light it right.

When using webcams be sure to avoid shooting in rooms that are much too bright for the environment. Too much lighting can wash out the model. Strong lighting can be tricky to manage so be sure to pay close attention to the set up and delivery of your lighting source. Using different lighting can also aid in casting fewer shadows.

Optimal lighting examples

To put it most simply, everything in shooting is all about lighting! The quickest and most effective way to overcome lighting issues is to prepare properly. Spend the time investing in testing and running different scenarios in the room/environment. This is time well spent.

Below are a few examples for you to consider:

Notice the differences in brightness and color – these are essential.

Lighting and bulbs must be used in conjunction with one another. You cannot get one right and the other wrong – be sure to test.

The only way to take your videos to the next level and make them a top notch experience for the member is to spend the time learning how to light properly. As a model you have a responsibility to the member to learn and get better at your craft.

Experiment and find the proper mood for your room. The more you experiment the more you will improve and get better for your members.